The society

The Netherlands Society for Gerontology (NVG) was established in 1947 as an overarching scientific society with the aim to promote research on the physical, mental and social aspects of ageing. In 1992, the Professional Society for Social Gerontologists (BSG) was established. In 2013, the two societies joined forces to form the Netherlands Society for Gerontology: Knowledge Network Ageing and Society, or NVG-KNOWS.

The mission of NVG-KNOWS is to promote the development, dissemination and application of gerontology, the study of ageing, and advances the connection between professionals in gerontology. By fostering knowledge and collaboration, the society contributes to improving the quality of life during ageing. The society’s vision is to work toward a future in which professionals in gerontology from a range of disciplines are familiar with and benefit from each others expertise.